Token Sale Terms

The total token amount available for sale is 400,000,000 MCV, 200,000,000 MCV will be available for presale, and the other 200,000,000 MCV will be available for public sale. If there's any unsold token after presale, the tokens will go towards public sale.

Presale: 1ETH = 5078.95 MCV

Public sale: 1ETH = 4020.83 MCV

Hardcap: 17200000 USD

Token distribution

Token sale:- 400,000,000 MCV

Community:- 100,000,000 MCV (allocation during the beta phase, please read our whitepaper for more details).

Team and founder:- 150,000,000 MCV 

Platform funding: - 250,000,000 MCV 

Reserve: -  100,000,000 MCV 

Please read ICO Updates, Bounty token distribution updates and Q&A  on our blog.

All tokens distribution should be completed on or before 30 working days after ico (Including tokens given to early adopters and bounty campaign).

Restricted areas

United states




North Korea

Token sale terms and condition

  1. All purchases are final and non-refundable.
  2. You are solely responsible for any tax implication through the purchase of tokens.
  3. Mycryptoview team will not be liable for any losses due to sending ETH to the wrong address or providing us incorrect ETH address.
  4. You understand the risk associated with buying tokens.
  5. You understand that we don't have control over the price of Mycryptoview tokens.
  6. You understand that we will require you to do KYC and can only purchase token once you have been approved.
  7. You understand that if your address is not whitelisted and you send us tokens, we will take your payment as a donation.
  8. You have read and understood both our terms and conditions and this token sale terms and conditions.

By purchasing tokens means that you have read and accepted the token sales terms.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or unsure of anything about

Note:- We do not have telegram channel and if we do have one in future, we will let the community know. We will never contact you through Telegram to buy our tokens or offer to SEND YOU ETH OR BITCOIN TO RECEIVE MORE ETH OR BITCOIN.

We will only contact you using [email protected].

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