Crypto platform open to everyone!

Mycryptoview is an online crypto platform for anyone to learn and share knowledge about cryptos. We want to connect those people with experience in cryptos to the people that are looking for the knowledge.

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Minimum Purchase: 2 ETH

1ETH = 5078.95 MCV

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Presale ended

2020-05-10 10:00:00

Thanks for all your support. Public sale starts on 1st June at 00:00 GMT. If you have already registered via our token sale page you will get an email from us when public sale starts. If you have any questions please contact us.

Token distribution

  • Token sale- 400,000,000 MCV
  • Community- 100,000,000 MCV
  • Team and founder- 150,000,000 MCV
  • Platform funding- 250,000,000 MCV
  • Reserve- 100,000,000 MCV

For Individuals

  • Read reviews and write reviews.
  • Ask questions and answer questions to help other users.
  • Help the community combat spam.
  • Earn tokens.

For businesses/influencers

  • Claim your account and get reward.
  • Get genuine reviews.
  • Answer questions to help your users.
  • Help the community combat spam.

Public Beta

Mycryptoview is on public beta. During beta release, we are allocating 100,000,000 MCV for the community. We will continue to develop the platform with your help and feedback until public release.

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